The Narcissist You Know — Publication date September 22, 2015

By now, most regular readers probably know I have a book coming out soon. In case anyone is interested in pre-ordering The Narcissist You Know, here are links to the Amazon product pages for both hardback and Kindle versions. The pub date is still nearly eight weeks away, but all these pre-orders count toward my debut ranking and mean a great deal.

In Hardcover:

For Kindle:

I notice that my FB friend Alice Hoffman is offering a signed bookplate for all pre-orders of her new novel. I can’t tell if this is a good idea or not. Would anyone be interested?

Especially after my prior post about relentless narcissistic self-promotion, I won’t go on at length about what I’ve been doing lately to give my book a push prior to its release. To summarize, I’ve been on talk radio 7 or 8 times in the last two weeks, was featured in a Q&A on, an article on about narcissistic parenting, and had my first-ever article for called “How to Deal with the Donald Trump in Your Office.” Other appearances and articles are in the works, including (for you North Carolina readers) an appearance on “The State of Things” and various book signings, too. Did I mention I’m getting reviewed in the New York Times Book Review? Oh, and I’ll be giving a talk at the New York Public Library on Tuesday, September 29th at 6:30 pm.

Sometimes if you work really really hard, you get what you’ve always dreamed of.

Enough about me …

By Joseph Burgo

Joe is the author and the owner of, one of the leading online mental health resources on the internet. Be sure to connect with him on Google+ and Linkedin.


  1. Hey Joe, I’ll get onto it. You’ll be happy for feedback, I assume?
    Just relax with it all. You’re a good husband and father, that to me, makes you a successful man.

  2. Wow you have been (and are going to be) busy! That must be the hardest bit, promoting and marketing your work but when you get into the interviews and events I expect you will enjoy doing them. I’m looking forward to reading the book. Good luck with it but I’m sure it will be well- received. Don’t forget to take a break every now and then so you don’t exhaust yourself. Best wishes

  3. Can you set this up for Kindle at ? Also the click through for Kindle download goes through to print copies/mp3/audiobooks. So pleased for you on this major milestone. Best wishes.

    1. Dawn, I will self-publish a substantially different edition for the UK market in September, with both print-on-demand and Kindle versions available. It has to do with the difference in libel/defamation laws in the UK. I’ll put up another announcement as soon as that edition is available. Thanks!

  4. YES! Sign books. Why wouldn’t a person who is willing to read a book you’ve written also want a signature, dedication or whatever? A book signed by the author is always more valuable and personal. I say go for it.

  5. Hi Joseph,

    I was going to ask the same question as Dawn. Looks like your hard work has paid off.

    Best wishes

  6. Congratulations! How exciting for you! I love what you say at the end, about really working for what you dream for. It’s so easy to sit back and “hope” for something to happen, but the reality is, nothing just magically happens. It all requires great effort on our part.

    I landed a job in our school district last year that I have wanted for a long time. I tried to get this job for TWO years…I interviewed four times at various schools. I talked to people, took extra classes, and honed my interview skills. When I got the offer, a colleague said, “Wow…lucky you!”

    But luck had absolutely nothing to do with it! 😉

    Congrats again on your achievement!

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