New Video Series on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for future videos. I think I’ve settled on a series of lectures about the process of psychodynamic psychotherapy and what to expect from the process. I think this overall subject will allow me to incorporate most of the suggestions I received.

In this video, I abandoned my script and teleprompter; instead, I ran through the outline of the subject I wanted to discuss beforehand — the first session — with all of the main points, then I pushed the “record” button and just started talking. It may not be as verbally smooth as the scripted videos, but in this one, I feel as if I am being exactly who I am. The setting is my office — more or less what you would see if we were doing Skype therapy (except that I had to remove the painting from the wall behind me because the lights were reflecting in the glass).

The more I think about the subject for this series, the more of a natural fit it feels for me. The next one will deal with the sorts of issues that we typically confront in the early sessions of psychotherapy.

By Joseph Burgo

Joe is the author and the owner of, one of the leading online mental health resources on the internet. Be sure to connect with him on Google+ and Linkedin.


  1. Great job on the video, Dr. Burgo. This is such an important topic. Many people have no idea what to expect from psychotherapy, and the anxiety about it holds them back from seeking treatment.

    1. Thanks. When I was getting ready to do the video, that was the first idea that came to mind — how scary and unknown the whole thing is.

  2. Dear Doc
    your website and its content is growing beautifully . it seems fuller with each new article and video.

    Your sharing is much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m happy about the video — feel like I’ve found a new direction that will enrich and enliven the site.

  3. Good video. You have an open ended and honest approach. Are you the type of therapist that has any secret techniques or methods that you believe make you more effective? Great shirt by the way.

    1. Thanks, G. I don’t have any special techniques — it’s all about the relationship being real, and there’s no secret way to achieve that.

      As to the shirt: Saks Outlet, $25, if memory serves.

  4. Hi Joseph
    I really resonated with this video. I particularly liked the ‘realness’ of how you have chosen to produce this video of live Joseph in real situ. My impression is that this style fits with the rawness, honesty, and personal style of your posts and for that matter the process of therapy. Thankyou for sharing so freely your journey.

  5. Dr. Burgo,
    I discovered your blog only a few days ago, and have read many of the postings. What a wealth of experience, and education you have shared here. Thank you!
    I take away from reading these posts a sense of your authentic belief in the therapeutic relationship. I have been in therapy for several years. Initially, my husband and I saw a therapist as a couple, after more than three years we “graduated.” Well, we are in a much better place, any way. I then started individual therapy. It has been about two years, and trusting the relationship has been one of the biggest difficulties thus far. I have done some creative writing to learn to express myself and this little poem seemed to encapsulate my take on therapists.

    Reflective response
    Effecting effusiveness.
    Long-list’ning labors,
    An avocation.
    Tears, tissues, time-tested trust
    Evades expression.

    Thank you for your work, both in therapy and on this blog.

  6. Hi
    I appreciate what you are doing here…hope your videos will get a bit deeper because I think most of your viewers know the basics.


    1. My goal is to describe the process as it occurs, over time, and to “go deeper” in later videos, just as therapy goes deeper as it progresses.

  7. Hi. I agree with others. This video feels much more alive and personal than the earlier scripted ones, and closer to the tone of your written pieces.

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