Grief and the Attitude of Gratitude

The ability to feel profound grief and deep gratitude are the hallmarks of mental health.

Love Junkies and Other Addicts

Addicts often have stronger relationships with their drugs than with their significant others, but that is often a cause rather than an effect — the reverse of the way we usually think about it.

Celebrities — Why We Love and Hate Them

We admire and envy celebrities because they supposedly lead the perfect, pain-free life we want for ourselves.

What We Mean When We Use the Word ‘Love’

We use the word “love” to describe a number of different emotional experiences. A closer look at those uses can shed light on the varieties of love and how much actual regard they entail for a separate person.

Love in the Face of Hatred

Love in the face of hatred is what good parents give to their children, and what therapists in some way must feel for their most troubled patients.