What We Mean When We Use the Word ‘Love’

We use the word “love” to describe a number of different emotional experiences. A closer look at those uses can shed light on the varieties of love and how much actual regard they entail for a separate person.

Love in the Face of Hatred

Love in the face of hatred is what good parents give to their children, and what therapists in some way must feel for their most troubled patients.

A Psychodynamic Perspective on Idealization

A fantasy that life should be perfect and goals achieved without effort often lies behind procrastination, the inability to set goals, and different forms of artistic inhibition such as writer’s block.

The Rebelliousness of My Inner “Brat”

A raging child-like part of ourselves may lie at the root of depression and other difficulties.

Hopeless Problems, Perfect Answers in Bipolar Disorder

Depression may reflect a basic hopelessness about one’s internal damage, where the only “solution” is felt to be a magical one. This dynamic is characteristic of bipolar disorder.