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If you came to the site expecting to find my latest post about gratitude and scarcity, I’ve taken it down. I think it came across in a way I didn’t intend, as if I were “guilting” people. For those of you who felt that way, I’m very sorry.

During my last break, I didn’t make an announcement here that I’d be spending less time on the site during my vacation, so I’m letting you know I’m going to take a break from posting this next week. I’ll try to keep up with forum discussion and new comments but bear with me. I’ll be back with a new post after the Thanksgiving Weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

By Joseph Burgo

Joe is the author and the owner of AfterPsychotherapy.com, one of the leading online mental health resources on the internet. Be sure to connect with him on Google+ and Linkedin.


  1. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving filled with people and activities that bring you joy! Thank you for everything you do on this website, and for the gift you give us through your writing.

  2. Being genuine is a quality that I admire. Someone once told me that I’d get my feelings hurt putting myself out there to help others. It’s true but, at least, I’ve been, “True thine own self.” Dr. Burgo you are one of the Mavericks of psychology that in being real inspires others to open up too.
    Enjoy your rest. You’ve been very gracious to this web site. I didn’t catch your original post however, it’s all good. It seems sensitivity is synonymous with helping and supporting others in distress. I can’t help but, wonder if our “group” on the forum is heightening your empathy. Huge pat on the back!

  3. I feel you devalue your book. I did not buy it out of gratitude but rather for it’s intrinsic value. I am thankful for the insight and “AHA!” moments the book provides and it’s the same for this website. Asking me to buy the book as a sign gratitude for your work on this website is like asking me to visit your website out of gratitude for your book. Both are being very helpful and I am thankful not for one, but both. Both are very valuable to me because they are helping me to understand myself (and others) much more and so far, as a result of that, some positive change has happened.
    Thank you for making this change in my life possible.
    I hope you enjoy thanksgiving!

    1. Gordon, I think you’re right, and I also feel that the problem (my problem) was in expecting that readers would feel grateful. If the book has value, then people will buy it, not because they feel grateful. It feels like such a “duh” moment for me! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Just was very moved by your taking the post down because it MAY have been interpreted in a way that would suggest harm. The humble thoughtfulness is really beautiful. Thanks for your wisdom. Have a wonderful time, away-
    happy and free. Look forward to next post.

    1. I’ve had a lot of personal insights about that post and what was behind it but they’ll have to wait for after the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

      1. Thanks for a rewrite with personal insights. A few of us are feeling insecure about what we are writing and your experience of retracting comments makes me feel more secure along with everyone else that’s been feeling that way. My sister used to think I was in a crazy state if I wrote her a long letter. My therapist said to her that your sister just has a lot she needs to say.

  5. I read the post that you withdrew from the site, and I can see how it could elicit feelings of guilt. But it also allowed us to see more of your human side, which I am incredibly grateful for. I haven’t been on the forum much over the last week, as I was consumed by a personal project that took the majority of my focus. I am looking forward to jumping back in. In the meantime, though, I’m reading your book each night before bed – a little at a time. So far, I have gained some incredible insight and am so excited about what I’m learning. It’s an amazing read and is truly a gift. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I can be a bit slow on the uptake at times. I was reading a post from a previous article and realized I hadn’t left a readers review on Amazon. I wonder if some of us have like me missed the importance of this. I have never experienced what this web site has to offer. A thoughtful reply to my first post surprised me. Thank you Dr. Burgo.

  7. Best wishes and please enjoy your on time “away.”
    We “loose” much in this medium for sure, but your authenticity as a human being always shines through.
    Warmest Regards,

  8. It appears that the gratitude you were looking for has shown up here – so many people giving thanks and hearts filled with gratitude for what you do here.

    So, to quote so many people here -” Warmest Regards”, “enjoy”, “you inspire me”, “thanks”, “happy Thanksgiving, have a wonderful time – away, happy and free”, “huge pat on the back”, “I hope you have a great Thanksgiving filled with people and activities that bring you joy!” “Thank you for everything you do on this website, and for the gift you give us through your writing.” “Enjoy your holiday. You’ve surely earned it.”
    I think you are quite blessed to have so much support. 🙂
    Enjoy – and like everyone else – it is with much gratitude that I write/and copy this entry.

  9. I didn’t see the post that was taken down, but I appreciate the way you thoughtfully interact with the real (or surmised) feelings of your audience while maintaining your own authenticity. You have something special to offer the internet, and I agree with Gordon that I both read here and purchased your book not out of gratitude, but because I find your writing of value. However. . . I am grateful for all that. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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