U.K. Edition of The Narcissist You Know

For readers in the United Kingdom and continental Europe who can’t purchase the Touchstone edition of The Narcissist You Know, I’ve brought out a different version under my New Rise Press imprint. This edition, identical to the one released by Pan Macmillan in Australia, can be purchased via Amazon.co.uk by clicking on the links below.… Continue reading U.K. Edition of The Narcissist You Know

The Risks of Joy

This past week, one of my clients returned from an exotic vacation and told me he’d felt almost nothing during the trip. He took no pleasure in any of his adventurous activities, and when there was a guide involved, my client felt preoccupied with the impression he was making upon the other person rather than… Continue reading The Risks of Joy

Amazon Reviews!

For those of you who may have purchased your book through Amazon, need some verified reviews on that site. I realize that it takes time to finish reading the book, of course, but if you finish and feel so inclined, please submit a review. Thanks!