Relationship Advice You Won’t Find Elsewhere on the Internet

Three unusual pieces of relationships advice you won’t find on other Internet sites devoted to dating and relationship problems.

Emotional Dependency and Stealth Control

Behind the apparent helplessness of people who suffer from extreme emotional dependency often lies a a secret and unacknowledged fantasy of controlling everybody around them and coercing them to adopt the role of caretakers.

Further Thoughts on the Lost Art of Conversation

Conversations with strangers in the context of a common interest, discussing a shared passion, can feel more intimate than another dinner out, listening to an old friend complain about her latest boyfriend.

The Toilet Function of Friendship (and Other Relationships)

Some people use their friends as a kind of “toilet” into which they can dump all their bad feelings. These individuals rely on a primitive kind of projection to evacuate experience they are unable to tolerate.

‘Avatar’, Toxic Shame and Avoidance of Authentic Relationships

The movie ‘Avatar’ embodies a fantasy shared by many people that it’s possible to escape one’s earthly damaged self and become a superior being without defects.