Narcissistic Rage and the Failure of Empathy: ‘Citizen Kane’

Charles Foster Kane from the classic film ‘Citizen Kane’ displays narcissistic rage and a lack of empathy, psychological features that show up in different personality and autistic spectrum disorders.

Charlie Sheen’s Rant and the Power of Destructive Narcissism

Charlie Sheen’s rant on The Alex Jones Show and how it demonstrates the characteristic defenses against shame, including features of pathological narcissism.

The Fallacies of Psychological Diagnosis

The false analogy between diagnosing physical and mental illness provides a rationale for reimbursement from insurance companies to psychotherapists, helps alleviate shame in patients and enables the pharmaceutical companies to make billions of dollars.

Celebrity and Romantic Love: “Meaning” in the Modern World

In modern American society, a large number of people pursue the twin cults of celebrity and romantic love as the sole sources of meaning in life.

Defenses Against Shame

Narcissism, blaming and contempt — the three core defenses against shame — are illustrated with clinical material from the author’s psychotherapy practice.