On Success and Having Arrived

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During a session on Thursday, one of my clients was talking about his feeling that he had “arrived” in his profession. In his mid-30s, he’s well-established now in a competitive field, earning an excellent income and finding himself respected and … Continue reading

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Constructing the Psychotherapy Narrative

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[THIS POST IS A BIT DIFFERENT FROM MY USUAL STYLE; IT'S ADAPTED FROM SOME IDEAS I'M EXPLORING IN MY NEW BOOK ABOUT NARCISSISM] At the beginning of our first session I ask MacKenzie, a 32-year-old single woman, what prompted her … Continue reading

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On Optimism

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Over the course of my practice, I’ve come to know a few men and women who emerged from families so toxic and dysfunctional that I often wondered how they managed to survive, emotionally speaking, and why they hadn’t long ago … Continue reading

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On Pessimism

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I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been focused on my book about narcissism, plus I just completed another article for The Atlantic, which you can find here. It’s about bullying as a kind of narcissistic behavior, linking the … Continue reading

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Another Everyday Narcissist — Me

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A number of site visitors took issue with one of my recent posts, largely because of the way I used the word narcissist. Most people use it as a synonym for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, so it’s understandable that those visitors … Continue reading

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