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The basic emotional issues that drive us, and their implications for the most common psychological problems: depression, anxiety, shame, low self-esteem, etc.

Hatred in Politics — New Article for The Atlantic

My most recent article for The Atlantic — this one about splitting and hatred in politics — went live this morning. You can find it here.

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Withdrawal of Post

If you came to the site expecting to find my latest post about gratitude and scarcity, I’ve taken it down. I think it came across in a way I didn’t intend, as if I were “guilting” people. For those of … Continue reading

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On the Receiving End of Borderline Rage

I had an email from another therapist this week, asking whether I’d written anything for professionals who work with people who suffer from features of borderline personality disorder. She had recently been “fired” by one such client and felt upset … Continue reading

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New Discussion Forum and Site Changes

I’ve now opened the first topic thread on our new discussion forum, accessed either by clicking on the Forum tab in the menu above or the Join Our Discussion Group link next to the image of my book. In order … Continue reading

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Religion and Psychotherapy

During one recent session with a new client, he wondered aloud if I would respect his fairly conservative religious beliefs or seek to impose my (presumably) more liberal values. A day or so later, one of my long-time readers sent … Continue reading

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