From Heartbreak to Redemption

On the occasion of my new book’s launch, I’d like to tell you a story about something that happened to me nearly 13 years ago; it will help to explain why today means so much…

Autism Symptoms in Other Disorders

Autism symptoms may appear in other disorders though the person doesn’t reach the threshold for a full diagnosis of autism. Common autism symptoms displayed in such cases are flattening of emotion through the repetitive, circular use of words and music, and the deadening of relationships in which separation cannot be tolerated.

Insufficient Mind in Anxiety Attacks and Disorders

A mental inability to bear intense emotions often lies at the heart of anxiety attacks and disorders, where the person experiencing anxiety feels threatened by (and in danger of disintegration under the pressure of) emerging and unknown emotions.

Hatred and Anger as Glue

Outbursts of rage and anger may reflect an underlying fear of psychological disintegration.

Breathe More, Think Less

Excessive verbal thought prevents you from coming into contact with your actual experience.