From Heartbreak to Redemption

On the occasion of my new book’s launch, I’d like to tell you a story about something that happened to me nearly 13 years ago; it will help to explain why today means so much…

Psychotherapy Issues Arising from Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

In bipolar disorder, there’s an underlying fear that the internal damage is so pervasive it’s hopeless to do anything realistic to repair or improve it, leading to a search for magical solutions instead. This article illustrates these dynamics with a case study and discusses psychotherapy for those who suffer from bipolar disorder.

What ’10 Signs of Depression in Men’ Won’t Tell You

A list of the ten most important signs and symptoms of depression, including some advice about how to make the most effective use of online resources for depression.

Narcissistic Behavior and the Lost Art of Conversation

Narcissistic people are usually waiting for their turn to make themselves the subject of conversation and have little real interest in other people.

Grief and the Attitude of Gratitude

The ability to feel profound grief and deep gratitude are the hallmarks of mental health.