From Heartbreak to Redemption

On the occasion of my new book’s launch, I’d like to tell you a story about something that happened to me nearly 13 years ago; it will help to explain why today means so much…

Video #3 – “The Transference Begins”

I’ve now uploaded the third installation in my series on psychodynamic psychotherapy, which you can access through the video frame below. This one covers early manifestations of the transference and includes a lot of examples…

The Tenacity of Defenses

Psychological defenses are deeply etched neural pathways, like deep ruts in a well-traveled road, impossible to remove. Under psychological and emotional pressure, they will always come automatically and feel like the easiest, most natural response.

The Cycle of Crime and Punishment in Psychotherapy

A discussion of the psychological cycle of crime and punishment in people who never seem to learn from their experience or grow in psychotherapy.

Different Types of Depression

A discussion of three underlying dynamics in clinical depression: unconscious rage, a drastically fragmented self and toxic levels of shame.