“Psychiatric Medications Have Led to Dramatic Improvements in Mental Health Outcomes” (Big Lie No. 2)

In the long-term, patients who have never been exposed to psychiatric medication have a much better prognosis than those who were placed on drugs.

The Fallacies of Psychological Diagnosis

The false analogy between diagnosing physical and mental illness provides a rationale for reimbursement from insurance companies to psychotherapists, helps alleviate shame in patients and enables the pharmaceutical companies to make billions of dollars.

The Pleasures of Solitude

Pleasure in solitude — the enjoyment of one’s own company — is one of the compensations for the existential loneliness of the human condition.

Narcissistic Behavior and the Lost Art of Conversation

Narcissistic people are usually waiting for their turn to make themselves the subject of conversation and have little real interest in other people.

Psychological Damage and Emotional Transformation

This article discusses the kind of psychological growth that’s actually possible, instead of the idealized fantasies of the people we might become.