Performance Anxiety and Shame

When artists use their medium as an attempt to escape from internal “ugliness”, performance anxiety may reflect the fear of being exposed, their true damaged self becoming visible to the audience.

“Psychiatric Medications Have Led to Dramatic Improvements in Mental Health Outcomes” (Big Lie No. 2)

In the long-term, patients who have never been exposed to psychiatric medication have a much better prognosis than those who were placed on drugs.

Art and the Dread of Experience

A discussion of one particular form of artistic inhibition, where artists misuse their art form in order to deaden unbearable emotions. Great works of art have dimension; they contain and express vital human truths. Unsuccessful works of art created in this defensive manner instead deaden emotion, rendering it “flat”, “two-dimensional” or lacking in depth.

Existential Aloneness

Growth and psychological transformation stir up existential anxieties about what it means to be alone with personal responsibility; they also make us aware of the passage of time and the inevitability of death.

Insufficient Mind in Anxiety Attacks and Disorders

A mental inability to bear intense emotions often lies at the heart of anxiety attacks and disorders, where the person experiencing anxiety feels threatened by (and in danger of disintegration under the pressure of) emerging and unknown emotions.