This morning, I completed the first draft of THE NARCISSIST YOU KNOW. The last two months have been a tunnel of intensity, which explains my absence from blogging. I’m proud and relieved to be finished, and I look forward to getting back to my blog … but not until after I take a vacation this coming week. I need a rest!

I want to thank all of you who submitted comments or sent emails, asking about my absence from the blog and wondering if I’m okay. It felt really good to feel your concern and to know there are people who actually care whether or not I write.Thank you so much! I also want to apologize for getting so far behind in the approval of comments. I promise to catch up very soon!

I don’t have to deliver my manuscript until September 1 but I wanted to leave myself a good two months for revisions and careful thought, just so I can make sure it’s as good as it can be. I’m very pleased with how this first draft turned out. Now I can revise at leisure, with plenty of time for blogging, not to mention hiking here in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I think it’s going to be a fine summer.

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    On the day you die, you will not be saying that you wished you had spent more time working. Vacations are an important aspect of health, and I am sure your schedules are too close to hectic for many people.

    I am always pleased to hear of people chucking the rat race for vacations, to regain some sanity and get away from the mindless grazing herd.

    You deserve a long one…you are quite aware of the way things are and have set yourself apart from many whose applications in the workplace are not shored up by the all important experiential perspectives.

    You are astute and aware, accurate and professionally inclined to the point that unlike many in the work you do, I admire you.

    Keep on trucking Dr, you are among the best there are.

    What a great vote of confidence! Thank you so much, and I promise to follow your advice. Vacations are indeed very important and I probably don’t take enough time off.

    Yes, Dr. Burgo, we very much care how you are and whether or not you write. Enjoy the vacation! When you return, I will surely enjoy (and get insight from) your blogs and the discussions that follow.


    Hi Evan! BTW, my agent sold rights to the new book in Australia-New Zealand and when it comes out, I’m hoping to go there to help promote it. I realize Australia is a big country, but maybe we can connect at that time.

    Welcome back Dr Burgo. I have missed your posts very much and echo the thoughts of everyone on here .I appreciate your wisdom and insights and the time that you put into your blog. I hope you have a great and restful vacation .Thanks so much for all you do.

    I woke up this morning excited to see an email in my box from after I couldn’t wait to make some coffee and sit down to read the blog and all your readers’ comments. Well, eventhough it wasn’t what I was expecting, it’s good to know that you’re doing well and you’ll be back up and running soon. I, for one, sure do miss you and your insights! Brenda

    Congratulations! It’s a great feeling to have another book under your belt, and I look forward to reading it. Until then, rest up. You deserve it!

    Welcome back. You were missed.

    Hi Elaine — and thanks! The publisher has decided to push release back to September 2015, which seems like a long time from now, but they believe it will get more attention at that time than if it comes our during the summer.

    I took a weekend break in May – out in a rustic cabin – just by myself with only a small wood stove to help me exist. I turned my cell phone off and brought no other means to check the time. It was a challenge, to be sure, and I only wish it had been for a longer length of time.
    I hope that you too are able, in your travels, to disconnect from the digital world and all sense of urgency of keeping time. The birds and animals don’t require time to know when to eat or when to sleep. The sun rises and so do they, it sets and the world goes to sleep.
    May you connect with the wonders of the life surrounding you as you trek through and beside the nature that surrounds you.
    May you have a mindful experience.
    Don’t wait too long, upon your return, to share your experiences.