Snow White at the Dwarf Colony

Now that the release of The Narcissist You Know is behind me, I’ve turned my attention back to fiction. I’m pleased to announce the release of a new work on the Kindle platform, a novella-length retelling of Snow White in the same psychological vein as my earlier Cinderella. Both novellas explore the themes I write about here on my website as well as in both of my non-fiction books: shame, narcissism, envy, the failure of empathy, etc. They’re both meant to be enjoyed primarily as works of fiction but they also go deeply into the felt experience of characters who struggle with those issues. I think fiction can often be more instructive than the most insightful work of non-fiction.

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Why We Feel Shame Around the Holidays

Here’s a link to my latest for Psychology Today, about how cultural imaging of the ideal Christmas can inspire shame in those of us whose lives don’t look like a Hallmark card.

Shame for the Person You Used to Be

W.R. Bion, a British psychoanalyst who worked with psychotic and schizophrenic patients, identified a difficult transition point in their treatment. As psychotic process gradually gave way to the reality principle — that is, as his…

U.K. Edition of The Narcissist You Know

For readers in the United Kingdom and continental Europe who can’t purchase the Touchstone edition of The Narcissist You Know, I’ve brought out a different version under my New Rise Press imprint. This edition, identical…


    Hi Joe, i just finished “Snow white” – thanks a lot!!! I read it in one go, so unusual and fascinating!!! Looking forward to your next work! (book or story)
    All the best and keep on!
    Susanne from Berlin, Germany

    Still, your non-fiction writing was and is still so helpfull, without it I would not have understood and got over a lot of “strange things” that happened to me and others in the real world… so thanks again

    Hi Joseph,
    At a glance in the sample your new story reminds me of a Rammstein video where they do a Snow White themed act.

    Reading the sample on Amazon in the kindle cloud is kind of pain in butt, can you post your samples as texts on your site?

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