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I’ll be in London and the UK for most of the month of August. With my new book coming out, I’m eager to provide in-service training at a clinic, or perhaps a lecture on the…

Australia-New Zealand edition of TNYK

My book is now available in Australia and New Zealand through Pan Macmillan. Like the UK edition, this one differs from the one released by Touchstone in North America and conforms to different libel and…

The Father’s Gaze

I have a memory of my father from when I was about seven years old. Whether it is factually accurate, it is emotionally true. My mother was in Texas at the time following the death…


    Can’t wait for this book! Also wish I could afford to travel down to London and meet you. I’ve benefited so much over the years from your blog posts and your replies to comments. I now have a different therapist from the one I had for three years. Had a two year gap and now back in the therapy game with a different focus. Missing your regular posts Joe but understand you’ve been concentrating on your blog. Hope you are well! L

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