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Psychological attitudes and habits that lead to growth

What Do We Owe to Those Who Are Dying?

Do we exempt people who are dying from the expectations we usually have for other people, such as consideration, fairness and reciprocity? Continue reading

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Self-Love and the Sense of Well-Being

Self-love does not mean feeling the emotion love for oneself as an object, but rather reflects a state of wholeness and integration, where we accept the entire range of our emotions but feel driven by neither narcissistic defenses nor the demands of our superego. Continue reading

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The Interpretation of a Dream

An example of dream interpretation with a client in psychotherapy, with some thoughts about Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. Continue reading

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A Hiking Meditation

Personal observations on the actual moment when a defensive maneuver occurs, in order to evade pain, as well some reflections on the nature and value of the spiritual experience. Continue reading

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Pride and the Healing of Shame

The healing of shame does not mean “triumphing” over it, but rather learning to bear that shame and not respond defensively to it, thereby earning feelings of pride and self-respect. Continue reading

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