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Depression Symptoms and the Role of Rage

Unconscious rage plays an important role in depression symptoms. Bringing that rage into awareness often leads to an improvement in those symptoms. Continue reading

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Countertransference Issues in Treating Depression

Countertransference in the broad sense means all your thoughts, feelings and fantasies during a psychotherapy session. It’s a useful tool for understanding your clients, especially those suffering from depression where anger and rage are an unconscious issue. Continue reading

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Good and Bad Reasons to Take an Antidepressant

Many people take antidepressants, not because they’re depressed, but because doing so helps them to avoid confronting important feelings or problem areas in their lives. Continue reading

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The Mostly-Bad Mother

Thoughts about preserving the “good” bits of the mostly-bad mother. Continue reading

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Defense Mechanisms V: Idealization

Idealization reflects a drive to escape from an internal experience felt to be unbearable and to connect with something perfect. This defense mechanism may take aim at another person, an actual experience or one’s own self. Continue reading

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