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Diary of a Shame Attack

On Saturday, I made a short new video, making use of what I’d learned in media training. I felt very good about that video because I’d confronted some underlying shame and the related wish to remain invisible — that is, … Continue reading

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Performance Anxiety and Shame

When artists use their medium as an attempt to escape from internal “ugliness”, performance anxiety may reflect the fear of being exposed, their true damaged self becoming visible to the audience. Continue reading

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Anxiety Symptoms, Mindfulness and the Enlargement of the Self

Mindfulness meditation techniques are a useful adjunct to psychotherapy, allowing you to see your defense mechanisms in action and to disengage from them, rather than a replacement for it. Continue reading

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Not Your Usual Anger Management Techniques

Sometimes anger can have a “hardening” effect, working as a kind of defense to ward off other painful feelings such as fear, exhaustion or emotional thinness. Continue reading

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The Fear of Change

Many of us have a fear of change because of it presents us with unfamiliar and unpredictable emotions, and also because change makes us aware of the passage of time, linking up unconsciously with the idea of death. Continue reading

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